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Pitfield exhibition gallery

3 Apr


Happy April all!

We said goodbye to our first exhibition of 2013, Designersblock x Pitfield London, at the end of last month. The colourful madness that was 30+ designers from Designersblock fused with eclectic Pitfield products has been replaced with  an inspiring vignette for the new season! Elsewhere, our window display is showcasing a spring cleaning theme with assorted pieces both practical and pretty!

Back to our exhibition gallery, you’ll find a stunning room set, which amalgamates investment furniture pieces with cheap and cheerful delights from a retro telephone to vintage ornaments and even some wacky taxidermy!

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Next up in our exhibition gallery (from mid May) is a bird cluttered extravaganza! Illustrator Louise West will be displaying her beautiful sketches in an installation dedicated to birdies! Also on show will be a bright wallpaper, designed in-house, with Louise’s work and inexpensive mementos for all to enjoy! Choose a bright and cheery mug with bird illustration or even a lime green tea towel with owl and humorous slogan. Watch this space for all the details and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to receive important dates for your diary and invitations to the exhibition launches!


Pitfield London: Close-up

28 Feb


Bonsai Flowers Papercut Card, £4.50 

For those that don’t live near the family home, it’s important to be organised early for Mother’s Day, Sunday 10th March. Of course, we have an inspiring collection of gifts and curiosities to treat your mum to, but did you know we sold cards too?

We love this bold and bright illustrated card with gorgeous floral background in creamy pastel yellow. Adorned with twinking sequins, the beautiful flowers stand in an unusual pot and a nearly neon envelope makes sure mum knows which card to open first!

The card is blank inside for your own message so make things as soppy as you like! We have a variety of other cards in store and you can also buy this design on our online shop.


Pitfield London: Close-up

13 Jul

Handwoven Jute Bag, £35 (more designs available in store) 

You know we LOVE unique homewares at Pitfield London but did you know we sell fashion accessories too? To complement our Jade Jagger designer jewellery pop-up shop, we have a range of gorgeous summery tote bags. On-trend, these cute handwoven jute shoppers are the perfect accesory, brightening up a grey English summer. Go funky with striking striped designs featuring horizontal panels in block colour or stay classic with elegant black or cream.

Not only do they look fab, they’re eco-friendly and fairly traded items, blending traditional artisanal skills with contemporary design. Taking up to 5 days to complete, the finished bags are stylish and functional! Grab yours now.


Friday: Cabinet Broom

6 Apr


Durable and inventive, Pitfield London’s cabinet broom (£33) is 147cm long and created with two pieces of retro-looking waxed beechwood and horsehair brushes. Suitable for cupboard recesses, it is also known as the ‘behind the cupboard brush’ because it’s ideal for cleaning behind your wardrobe and in hard to reach places. Store easily and practically right behind your cabinet.


Thursday: Dish Washing Brushes

5 Apr

There’s nothing more unsightly (well, almost nothing), than a stack of dirty dishes in the kitchen. Pitfield’s delightful dishwashing brushes (£2.50 each – what a bargain!) certainly make the kitchen sink look a little more stylish. Our black soft horsehair brush heads are perfect for washing cups and plates, whilst the cream coloured stiffer, hard plant fibre brushes can be used on pots and pans.


Wednesday: Feather Dusters

4 Apr

Not only are they absolutely beautiful, Pitfield London’s collection of feather dusters present ‘specialist exterminators, that engage in battle against spider webs, dust bunnies and fluff hideaways’! With their long varnished wooden handles and stunning, luxury ostrich feather heads, there’s no corner these dusters cannot reach. Pictured is the small feather duster with striking black feathers (£15), medium sized duster with especially fabulous large feather  head (£25) and the ‘noble’ long feather duster, which features a waxed beechwood handle and sleek leather cuff (£28). Don’t you just LOVE them?


Tuesday: Dust Brush

3 Apr

Baring in mind that they say 90% of dust is made up of skin, there’s simply no excuse to leave it settling anywhere in your home or office. Our innovative dust brush (£8.50) is 70cm long, extremely flexible and made with the strongest yet soft dark goat’s hair. Dust the cracks between your freeview box and DVD player, your iPod dock or any tight space you’ve struggled to reach before! Calling all OCD cleaners, your house really will be spotless.



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