Tomorrow’s Private View

Tomorrow (Thursday 22nd August) we celebrate the success of taxidermist Kim Zoe Wagner’s exhibition at Pitfield London. Our private view party kicks off at 6pm, until 9pm, and you will be provided with the usual complementary drinks from our café! As well as truly wonderful framed pieces, mainly birdlife such as bright canaries with a […]

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Pitfield Cafe – ‘Summer’ Menu

Is it lunch time yet? This week, we’ve launched our cafe’s new ‘summer’ (good weather not guaranteed!) menu. We have two mouthwatering menus, which will alternate each week, so whenever you visit be sure to try something new and exciting, even if you’re a Pitfield regular. As well as delicious new breads, flavoursome fillings (for […]

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Common Birds

We LOVE this monochrome shoot with bright kelly green pops that appeared in the latest Homes and Gardens magazine. Note the Pitfield London ornaments and furniture! Check out the Green Leather Stud Chair and White Cockatoo Statue (customised in the photoshoot) on our website. There’s a parrot available too! Talking of birds, we have the brilliant Louise West’s ‘Common […]

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Clerkenwell Design Week

On Thursday 23rd May (10am – 8pm) Creativepool and Clerkenwell Design Week present a Q&A and portfolio review with Pitfield London owner Shaun Clarkson. Save the date! You can register to attend the event (it’s absolutely free) here. Throughout the day, Shaun will be available to answer general questions and you can listen to three […]

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Pitfield London: Close-up

Handwoven Jute Bag, £35 (more designs available in store)  You know we LOVE unique homewares at Pitfield London but did you know we sell fashion accessories too? To complement our Jade Jagger designer jewellery pop-up shop, we have a range of gorgeous summery tote bags. On-trend, these cute handwoven jute shoppers are the perfect accesory, brightening […]

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Friday: Cabinet Broom

  Durable and inventive, Pitfield London’s cabinet broom (£33) is 147cm long and created with two pieces of retro-looking waxed beechwood and horsehair brushes. Suitable for cupboard recesses, it is also known as the ‘behind the cupboard brush’ because it’s ideal for cleaning behind your wardrobe and in hard to reach places. Store easily and […]

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Thursday: Dish Washing Brushes

There’s nothing more unsightly (well, almost nothing), than a stack of dirty dishes in the kitchen. Pitfield’s delightful dishwashing brushes (£2.50 each – what a bargain!) certainly make the kitchen sink look a little more stylish. Our black soft horsehair brush heads are perfect for washing cups and plates, whilst the cream coloured stiffer, hard […]

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